Implementation Partner Program

Axxalon Flow MES System

Modular design – easy to implement

Become an implementation partner for Axxalon Flow
The MES with the uniquely attractive price-performance ratio

Monthly revenue share as a Sales Partner

  • Monthly revenue share
  • Growth potential
  • Additional service business
  • Unique price-performance ratio for your customers
  • Independent project planning
  • Freedom of contract to the end customer – your conditions!

Your benefits as an implementation partner

Monthly income

Benefit from a monthly SaaS fee on customer sales for as long as the customer uses the system

Comprehensive support

Use our demo systems, logins and other sales material to convince potential customers.

No IT know-how required

You do not need your own IT department or special IT know-how. You do not customize the system.

Growth potential

Your revenue increases when the customer grows, be it through more users or additional modules.

Freedom in contract design

You remain free in your contractual relationship with the end customer and determine your own service conditions and hourly rates. Only SaaS pricing is determined by axxelia.

Independent project planning

You carry out the project planning with the end customer independently and have the option of acquiring additional support or consulting from axxelia at partner conditions. You can also charge these services to the customer at your own conditions.

Additional service business

In addition to the SaaS fee, you can provide and charge your services directly to the customer.

Uniquely attractive price-performance ratio in the MES market

Offer a convincing product with attractive pricing thanks to the modular SaaS structure.

Feedback and further development

You can forward expansion and function requests to axxelia and thus contribute to the further development of axxalon flow. Axxelia reserves the right to expand the system and update content after review. You can view regular system updates before launch.

Our partnership

Our implementation partner program offers you the opportunity to establish yourself as an Axxalon expert in the field of MES in the production environment. With your expertise in ERP, MES systems and production projects, you can advise customers optimally and support them in the implementation of axxalon flow. It is not necessary to employ IT experts and developers. You concentrate on project planning, consulting, user training and are the customer’s first point of contact.

Our comprehensive support and training will give you the knowledge you need to offer your customers the best possible advice and support during implementation. You also benefit from our demo systems and logins to familiarize potential customers with the system.

Your main task will be to acquire end customers and support them with the implementation of axxalon flow. You use your own demo systems and logins to present the product and convince the customer of its benefits. If you need additional support or consulting, you can purchase these services from axxelia at partner conditions and sell them on to your customers.

SaaS revenue share example

As our valued sales partner, you benefit from an attractive SaaS revenue share.

  • SaaS revenue share – when lead is forwarded from axxelia to the partner and realized
  • SaaS revenue share for self-acquired and realized leads

To illustrate this:
Imagine you implement axxalon flow for a customer you have acquired yourself. This customer is charged Saas fees for its use every month. In this case, you automatically receive SaaS participation every month – for as long as the customer uses axxalon flow.

The best thing about it:
If your customer increases their usage, for example through additional users or modules, your monthly commission share increases accordingly.

Uniquely attractive price-performance ratio for your customers

axxalon flow is a modular software based on SaaS. Customers can select the modules and functions they need. You only pay for what you use per user per month.

Example of paperless production

To introduce the basic MES as an introduction to paperless digital production, your customer only needs the basic MES module for €11.50 plus VAT. VAT. per user


Example production planner

If the customer also wishes to use the Gantt Production Planner, users who use the module will only be charged an additional €11.50 plus VAT on top of the basic MES module. VAT. calculated.

10 basic users equals € 11.50 * 10 = € 115 per month. plus. VAT.

2 basic users + planner equals € 11.50 + € 22.50 = € 34 *2 users = € 64 per month. plus. VAT.

Total for 12 users (10 basic users and 2 basic users + planner) only € 179 per month. plus. VAT.


Example POLCA

For a digital Polca module, a user would only need the basic module (€11.50 per month plus VAT) and the Polca module (€12.50 per month plus VAT) – i.e. a total of only €24 per user plus VAT. VAT!

Find out more about the modules and prices

Business process of an implementation

1. acquisition of end customers

The partner identifies potential customers who could benefit from axxalon flow. He conducts initial discussions and presents the product.

2. use of the demo systems and logins provided

The partner presents axxalon flow to the potential customer using the demo systems. It shows the advantages and functions of the system.

3. independent project planning with the end customer

The partner discusses the customer’s specific requirements and wishes. He plans how axxalon flow can be integrated into the customer’s existing infrastructure. Ideally, the end customer can do this independently.

4. offer preparation and contract negotiation

The partner creates an individual offer for the customer. This can include, for example, project management, user training or process consulting. He negotiates the conditions and, if approved, concludes a contract.

5. if required: purchase of support or consulting from axxelia

If the partner requires additional support or special consulting, he can purchase these services from axxelia. For example, the programming of interfaces.

6. implementation of axxalon flow at the customer’s site

The partner carries out the implementation of axxalon flow at the customer’s premises. He ensures that the system functions correctly and meets the customer’s requirements. Customizing and programming services within axxalon flow are not provided.

7. conclusion of a SaaS end user agreement between axxelia and the end customer

The customer concludes an agreement with axxelia that regulates the use of axxalon flow and the pricing. From the first SaaS payment, the partner receives his ongoing revenue share.

8. ongoing support and assistance

The partner remains the main point of contact for the customer and offers support and advice.
If required, he can sell additional services to the customer, e.g. user training or process consulting.

How to become an implementation partner

1. contact

Get in touch with axxelia. Explore our partner program, the requirements and the partnership process. We will clarify together whether you meet the requirements. (Proven expertise in ERP / MES or process consulting for industrial customers)

2. certification and training

We require our implementation partners to undergo basic training and certification to ensure that they can implement the software correctly. This ensures excellent quality of advice for us and our (their) customers and also serves as onboarding. Take part in the required training courses and acquire the necessary certificates from the axxelia Partner Academy (free of charge).

3. build business structure

Define a clear business structure. Decide what kind of services you will offer as part of the software implementation. Define your prices, service packages and the scope of your services. We will be happy to help you with this.

4. contractual agreements

We conclude a SaaS Sales Partner contract that guarantees you the conditions. This includes aspects such as contract duration, sales territory, commissions, support from us as a software provider, partner conditions of services, etc…

5. marketing and positioning

Develop a marketing strategy to promote your role as an implementation partner. Create a website, marketing materials and other communication tools to promote your services. You can use our materials for this.

6. customer acquisition

Start with the acquisition of customers. Use your network, existing customer contacts and marketing activities to make interested parties aware of your implementation services.

7. project management and implementation

After you win customers, you successfully implement the software according to the requirements and scope. Ensure that the implementation runs smoothly and that customers are satisfied. Use axxelia Consultants for support during the first implementations!

8. feedback and improvement

Collect feedback from your customers about the implementation. Use this feedback to improve your services. Learn from other implementation partners.

9. turn customers into regular customers

Expand existing customer relationships with successful implementations and help to roll out the system company-wide and establish additional modules. You are always the first point of contact for the end customer. Benefit from the growth of your customers through more service business and increasing SaaS revenue sharing.

Become an implementation partner

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